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A piece of the driviest puppy. Ultra 1st place!!

Posted by Jose Ruiz on Sunday, February 22, 2015
ADBA Champion Miller's High Octane
*ADBA Best of Opposite
Driviest Puppy winner @ Iron Dog FL Show

Owner/Handler: Jose and Jessica  Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Coco)

Shout out to our good friends Jose and Jessica for all the work you put in with your dogs! It's been great seeing Jose grow into the
handler that he has become, with Jessica's support every step of the way.. Awesome work guys!
ADBA Champion Miller's Truth Hurts IDTT DHT GDT ID3 ID5 IDWP3

*Catch Dog & Weight Pull Competitor

Owner/Handler: Real Deal Chocolates Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Gaia)

Owner/Handler: Mandy Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Gaia)
ADBA Champion, UWP
*Proven Catch Dog*
Rest in Peace
Owner/Handler: Red Wood Kennel Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Nina)
Real Deal Chocolates
Performance American Pit Bull Terrier's
Miller's Talk of The Town
*Manti is highly pointed in UKC Conformation.

Owner/Handler: Mat Black Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Kiki)