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Real Deal Chocolates
Performance American Pit Bull Terrier's

Miller's Burning Flame

Prova 20 metri a tempo
BIS con record di 3.02 secondi

Prova ad ostacoli
Grazie a tutti per la bella giornata passata assieme ❤

Miller's burning flame

Try 20 meters in time
1st classified
BIS with a 3.02 second record

Try obstacles
1st classified

Thank you all for the nice day spent together ❤
Miller's burning Flame cat. 7/9 months
✔ Test shot 20 meters
Ificata classified and Best in Show
Reconfirming its own record with 3.2 seconds
Ostacoli Test for obstacles
Ificata classified and Best in Show
With a new record of 3.8 seconds
In only 2 races he won the title of SPORTING JUNIOR PROMISING
I thank the president Giovanni Mazzone for the impeccable organization and above all my dear friends Patrick and Elizabeth for this wonderful
puppy ❤
Miller's Burning Flame
Owner/Handlers: Marcello Petrone Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Frisco x Fiya))

Marcello has earned much success with Flame at under 1 year old! She has already earned titles in sporting events.
We are very excited to see everything Marcello accomplishes with Flame in the future, they are an amazing team !  
We are grateful to call Marcello our friend, he is a respectable and passionate APBT owner representing Bari, Italy.  <3
Patrick, Loris (President of ATP DOGS), Me, and Marcello
Arrived in Naples, Italy October 2018
Patrick and Marcello in Naples, Italy
Me and Marcello @ the Bay of Naples,