Ultra @ 5wks
ADBA Champion
Miller's High Octane
Top Dog Competitor

Owned/Handled by: Jose Ruiz/RDC


DOB: 6/28/2014
Ultra is a highly driven competitor in all APBT sports. She always places in
the ADBA Top Dog competitions. Ultra goes all out on the vertical wall climb
making it look easy and is super fast on the mill. Ultra has great structure and
is an ADBA Champion, having won BIS and BOO
. She is intelligent with great
focus, as Jose had put a great amount of obedience work into her early on.
Ultra is very confident in all situations, has a solid temperament, and is
extremely loving with people.
We are very proud of all that Jose and Jessica have done with Ultra and were
honored to finish her ADBA Champion title.
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Miller's Brown Sugar
Miller's Tito
Jose, Jessica, and Ultra
Ultra on a hike in Tennessee
Ultra earned her ADBA
Champion title at the Lone
Star State ADBA Show 10/19