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Real Deal Chocolates American Pit Bull Terriers

Titan's last run to get his "CA" title with Lure.

Posted by Cami Botonis on Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Performance APBT's
Miller's Boom
Boom is a loving dog to his family and has been an amazing pal to their son with autism.
Boom certainly deserves a spot on the working dogs page.  

Owner/Handler: Guerra Family Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Coco)
Miller's Real Deal China

ADBA Nationals she earned a 2nd in the treadmill race with a super fast time!
Pointed in ADBA Conformation

Owner/Handler: RDC  Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Gaia)
Miller's Lil Wreckin Force
*Training for French Ring
Owner/Handler: Wolf's Lair K9   Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Frisco x Gaia)
Miller's Lulu for Coco Puffs Brevet CSAU
*Titled in French Ring
*Pointed in UKC conformation

Owner/Handler: Travis D.  Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Coco)

RATM CA UWP PR Miller's Lord Titan

Owner/Handler:  Botonis Family Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Ol Red x Nina)

We want to give a shout out to the Botonis family for walking the walk and not just talking the talk.
They have been proving their dogs by getting out there competing and working with them.
2015 ADBA National Weight Pull Champion
35-45lb Female
ADBA ACE Miller's "Girl Raised In The South"
Owner/Handler: Walt & Judy /Breeder: Real Deal Chocolates (Tito x Coco)