Getting involved in dog sports...

American Pit Bull Terriers are a breed that requires consistent balance of physical and mental stimulation.

Canines have worked alongside humans for thousands of years serving as mans best friend. American Pit Bull Terriers in particular have been
bred over hundreds of years for multiple purposes, most notably sport fighting. Their history is what has created the incredible dogs we have
today. Their storied history is what created the amazing American Pit Bull Terriers we know today.
Throughout the years, we have realized how much we need to promote the working origins of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
If more owners and advocates of the APBT began genuinely representing them, possibly, potential owners would take into account the endless
responsibilities that come with owning them.
Dog Sports gives dogs the opportunity to put all that energy into something, while showing the public what these dogs are really all about.
Visit the links to get more information on the activities that would be of interest to you and your dog. RDC APBT's are bred to be capable of
excelling at any task his owner asks of him.
To find Shows & Events or local APBT Clubs in your area, refer to the links I have provided below.
Support YOUR BREED, the local clubs need your help!!
You can also get involved by becoming a member of and supporting your local APBT clubs, at minimum just being a "Paid Member" helps
support your local APBT club!!

There are currently 3 different registries that offer sanctioned Conformation shows for the APBT;
the ADBA, AADRI, and the UKC.
Below are general illustrations of the standard APBT Conformation.
Please keep in mind that no dog is perfect, all dogs have faults, but it is good to recognize your dogs faults to gain knowledge.
I have listed a conformation website below that explains which faults are considered minor and which faults can disqualify your dog.
Conformation Shows are a constructive way to have experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified Judges have a look at your dog, most are willing to
give you advice and feedback on your dog, or your handling skills.
The fundamentals of having a dog with overall good conformation, is simply put;
"Form Follows Function"
*** Many of the local ADBA Clubs also hold Fun Shows, which are
ALL FOR FUN, no points involved! These events are great opportunities to bring
you and your puppy/dog out to experience the show environment.
The ADBA, UKC, and AADRI offer opportunities for kids to show off their handling skills as well.
ADBA Standard
There are many different registries that offer the sport of weight pull. The UKC, ADBA, AADR, IWPA,
Weight Pulling is a great way to showcase the working qualities of our breed, and allow the dogs to
fulfill their desire to work.
Below I have provided links to registries that host weight pull events, training information, harness
and other weight pull training equipment and information.
* This site has tons of information about APBT
*** Get Involved! Join & Support your Local APBT Clubs! ***
Weight Pull Information Galore
We are happy to welcome  the Tripp family to the Florida
APBT Family!
They are helping to bring more UPF weight pulls to Florida!
"IRON DOG is a sport that was created to test the
Strength, Endurance, Power, Speed, and Courage, of the dogs competing."
IRON DOG is always a blast!
All you need is an athletic dog, with drive, and a desire to please it's owner.
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  • Vertical Wall Climb

  • Lure Course

  • Treadmill Race

  • Sprint Race

  • Weight Pull

  • Barn Hunt

  • Agility

  • Catch Dog
  • Ring Sport