Tito x Jazzy
Litter Due August 29th, 2018
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$310 Non Refundable Deposit
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Total Cost $1500
*Not including the shipping cost of $500, within the US)

Price Includes
  • 6 week Puppy Wellness Examination by our veterinarian

  • Up to Date Vaccinations

  • Dewormed/Negative Fecal Examination

  • RDC Health Records

  • RDC Puppy Care Sheet

  • UKC/ADBA Registration papers
ADBA Champion
Real Deal Chocolates American Pit Bull Terriers
Puppy Cost $1500/Shipping Cost $500
Tito x Jazzy
$300 non refundable deposit required for reservation
Total cost $1500 (not including shipping)
1st/ Ricky, FL
1st/Robert, TX
2nd/Kosta, GA
2nd/Melanie & Justin, NC
Our main goal of every litter  produced is to bring together two high caliber dogs who can pass on their traits to their litter, creating a
high percentage of American Pit Bull Terrier puppies who were bred with an inherent advantage in any respective working field. Our
breedings should bring forward solid temperaments, high drive and determination, these traits are what make an APBT incomparable
to any breed. Structurally, our APBT's are bred for function which coincides with the respected
ADBA standard (read here).  Each
breeding is done for working/competition homes in mind first and foremost. We also respect the pet owners who do not intend to
compete but are still actively honoring their dogs abilities. As a future owner of an RDC American Pit Bull Terrier, its most important
that you are an informed and  responsible breed ambassador!
We encourage anyone interested in a dog from this litter to find an
ACTIVITY that you and your dog will enjoy! If you would like any
information for local APBT clubs and/or trainers in your area, I would be more than happy to provide you with any information I have.
Please feel free to ask any questions @